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About us

About us

Scratch raven

Scratch is a yarn, fabric, art, and craft supply shop with an enthusiastic staff and inspired workspace. We've worked to create a space that welcomes makers of all sorts and skill levels to come and work, learn, and create community!

Our Upper Valley makerspace (located downstairs from the retail shop) is home to our sewing bar, printmaking space, work tables, and fun equipment like our Carvey! Providing a makerspace to the community enables people to work on their craft, regardless of whether they have the physical space or ability/desire to invest in (often expensive) equipment to keep in their homes. We love to meet makers, and our makerspace is the perfect spot to create, learn, and share with others who have crafty, creative spirits!

We hope you'll join us!

Meet the owners

Shay bunny

Jessica: Jessica is a yarn hoarder, retired baker, (live!) chicken enthusiast, and wrangler of two small people.

Craft areas of expertise: knitting, sewing, handwork, general handy problem-solving.

Hosts: Open Craft Night

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Travis: Uncle Bodo. Photo-bomber extraordinaire. Would prefer to live in SPESS.

Craft areas of expertise: painting, miniatures, Tombows

Hosts: Miniature Painting Night

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Karen: Graduate student, yoga teacher, and sometimes-writer. Mostly she just tries to stay out of the way of the brindles.

Craft areas of expertise: Needle felting, knitting, embroidery

Hosts: Open Craft Night, Book Club & Writers Workshops

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Auxiliary Division

The lets: Occasional guest instructors, art creators, and in-house entertainment. Violet and Scarlet are always happy to help!

Classes for kids!

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~Jessica, Karen & Travis