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Earth harmony needle felting foam pad 5x5

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Our Earth Harmony Series Needle Felting Foam!
  • This exceptional quality long lasting foam block will give you a very firm work surface that will last and last!
  • 5"x 5"x 1.5" SMALL SQUARE - makes a wonderful work surface, great for workshops, or foam form for needle felting a small purse. 

What makes our Earth Harmony Foam so special?
In is made with eco-based materials which help us reduce our dependency on fossil fuels, and is a great alternative to petroleum based polyurethane foams. The eco materials include soy and other products grown by U.S. Farmers (good for them AND their families), this foam is much denser than our previous petro-based foams which gives you a nice FIRM felting surface. Its color allows it to hold up longer than white foams that tend to age in sunlight and the manufacturing process uses less energy than traditional foams.

Orders ship same or next business day via USPS. Returns welcome within 30 days with receipt. No returns accepted on wound yarn, cut fabric, or used materials.