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Persian wool yarn (crewel yarn)




  • 502 Federal Blue
  • 312 Grape
  • 968 Christmas Red
  • 522 Teal Blue
  • 200 Steel Grey
  • 486 Terracotta
  • 611 Hunter Green
  • 900 American Beauty
  • 614 Hunter Green (pale)
  • 714 Mustard
  • 262 Cream


  • Persian yarn is perfect for needlework such as embroidery, needlepoint and cross stitch. Paternayan Persian Yarn exhibits great strength and resilience that prevents the yarn from breaking and fraying during stitching. Due to the unusual whiteness of the lambs wool and the polishing of the fibers, the yarn has a luster that appears to glow. The yarn provides superior coverage on a wide range of canvas sizes by simply varying the number of strands used in the stitching. Made of 3-ply, 100% Persian virgin wool.
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